Two Bridge Day BASE Jumps And A Wedding

What's one way to alleviate some of the nerves of getting married? A BASE jump from the New River Gorge Bridge immediately following the ceremony might do the trick. Erika Terranova of Lockport, New York would definitely agree. She was this year’s Tandem BASE jump contest winner and incorporated her wedding into the Bridge Day festival.

This was Erika's second Bridge Day, but it won’t be her last. Her now-husband Patrick has been to 3 Bridge Days as a BASE jumper and has 5 jumps off the Bridge.

We caught up with Erika after the weekend and talked with her about her experience.

Bridge Day: Why did you decide to enter the contest?

Erika: After we had planned to have our wedding at Bridge Day, we saw the contest. I also realized that if I won, I could donate $1,000 to any charity that I would like. Mental Health Americameans a lot to me so I decided to go for it and made a video.

Bridge Day: So you actually had been planning on having your wedding out on the Bridge for Bridge Day before you won the contest? It was your idea?

Erika: Yes! A lot of people out there think that the wedding was a result of the contest when it was actually the other way around. Yes, it was my idea. Bridge Day is like Christmas to us. We love it! So I thought it would be perfect to incorporate our favorite day of the year and our wedding together, and it was perfect! 

Bridge Day: Did the fact that you were BASE jumping off the Bridge after the ceremony make you less nervous about the wedding itself?

Erika: Yes, it definitely did!

Bridge Day: So you had been skydiving before. How many jumps do you have?

Erika: I started jumping in the beginning of the season of 2011 and I have 7 skydives. I can't wait for next season to start so I can finish my licensing process! I am in the middle of my AFF. It was put on hold for a bit due to my pregnancy and birth of our daughter Zoie! 

Bridge Day: Will you BASE jump off the New River Gorge Bridge again?

Erika: I will definitely jump off the New River Gorge Bridge again! There is a big difference between BASE jumping and skydiving, and I love them both. I would like to take a BASE course before I jump on my own.

Bridge Day: What was your favorite part of Bridge Day?

Erika: It’s hard to pick one part of the day, it was all amazing! Becoming husband and wife and the jump were my favorite moments! 

Congratulations Erika and Patrick! Your wedding made Bridge Day 2012 even more special. For a few photos of the special event, check out the Bridge Day flickr photostream.

And keep an eye out for the happy couple at Bridge Day in 2013!