Bridge Day 2012 By The Numbers

Bridge Day 2012 is in the books now, and we have some pretty amazing numbers to share with you.

  • 272 rappellers made 752 rappels.
  • 5 of those were tandem rappels.
  • 31 of those rappelers actually ascended the ropes.
  • There were 450 BASE jumpers from 41 states and 10 countries.
  • 10% of BASE jumpers were women.
  • 3 BASE jumpers were West Virginia natives.
  • 17% of those jumping at Bridge Day 2012 were making their first BASE jump, ever.
  • A record number of jumps were made this year: 1,036
  • 83: That's the age of Bridge Day 2012's oldest jumper, Donald Cripps.
  • 24 BASE jumpers braved the catapult and were flung into the Gorge.
  • The 'pick up guys' helped 131 BASE jumpers out of the water and onto shore.
  • 102 people took to the Bridge Walk catwalk during Bridge Day.

Were you there to see all of this history being made?

Oh, and one final number to remember: 19. As in, join us next year for Bridge Day on October 19, 2013.

How was your Bridge Day? Share with us in the comments.