What Subaru Means To Bridge Day

Have you ever had a good neighbor that is the first to help out anytime you need a hand? Well, that's what Subaru has become to the Bridge Day festival. Both Subaru Corporate and Hometown Subaru are wonderful neighbors. Their contributions to the event have helped Bridge Day keep getting better every year. We appreciate the partnership that we have built with both these groups and wanted to take a minute to “toot Subaru's horn.” No pun intended.

Subaru's Role

This is the third year Subaru has been involved in Bridge Day. We couldn't be any happier to have them as a presenting sponsor.

Subaru Corporate was once again “on board” with helping sponsor the BASE jumper rescue boats. This is a crucial role in the day, ensuring the safety of those jumpers who land in the river.

Hometown Subaru is responsible for the Into the Gorge shuttles that allow folks to experience Bridge Day from the bottom of the Gorge. And speaking of shuttles, Hometown Subaru also partners with the Oak Hill Rotary Club on the spectator parking lot shuttles.

Subaru Corporate also sponsors the Tandem BASE Jump Contest, where adventure seekers can compete to win a tandem jump on Bridge Day. Part of that sponsorship includes a $1000 donation to the winner’s specified charity. See what we mean about being a good neighbor?

This year the tandem BASE jump was even more special than usual. The winner, Erika Terranova,  married her fiancé Patrick just before jumping off the Bridge.  Subaru hosted a reception for the newlyweds in their ‘Igloo’ at the top of the Bridge. The Igloo also is the hub for live video of the BASE jumpers.

And perhaps most exciting of all, Subaru Corporate helped sponsor the newly unveiled Bridge Day catapult. A few select BASE jumpers were launched from the catapult this year instead of using the usual platform or diving board. The catapult was immediately a spectator favorite and will be back in 2013.

Thank You

Bridge Day 2012 was a great success, once again. Thank you Subaru, for being such great neighbors and lending so many helping hands to Bridge Day.