Top 10 Reasons to be Miss Bridge Day

Wow! What a great year it has been reigning as Miss Bridge Day, 2008. Here are a few things that I have experienced during the year...New River Gorgeous Top 10 Reasons to be Miss Bridge Day 10. Sometimes the crown and sash gets you free food...sometimes.

9. Who doesn't want to be the queen of Bridge Day, West Virginia’s largest one day festival?

8. You get to see the most unique people come from all over the world to jump off of a 876 ft. bridge.

7. Everyone over the age of 75 and under the age of 7 wants to get their picture taken with you.

6. You get to attend all kinds of events with food!

5. You are able to compete in the Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant - a great experience!

4. You get to spend a wonderfully cold day on a bridge with thousands of other people who want to take your picture.

3. After you win, the Bridge Day committee won't judge you for not wearing high heels.

2. Did I mention food?

1. You get to plunge into the gorge from the underside of the bridge on a zip line...for free!

Looking forward to passing on the crown in August!!

Special Guest Post By:

Alex Richardson Miss Bridge Day, 2008 Phil.4:13