Bridge Day Rappel – A Family Story

Todd, left, Meghan and Robert Handley performed a three-generation rappel off the New River Gorge Bridge in 2006.  Stephen Bennett / For The Fayette Tribune Can you imagine having the opportunity to rappel 750 feet with your dad and grandpa?

In 2006, Meghan Handley not only became the youngest person to rappel the bridge at the age of 13, but she got to do it with her dad, Todd Handley, and her grandfather, Bob Handley.

Now, that’s a family story.

That had to have been pretty darn cool, and according to Meghan, who is an avid rappeller, it was. Her grandfather nearly invented the sport, her father has done it his whole life and now she’s doing it, too.

They all love to cave and they all love to rappel. She’s very proud of her family and she can’t get enough of this crazy sport that requires her to get as far off the ground as possible, rig into a single, very long rope, and slide down it to the ground. What a thrill.

Meghan and Todd Handley

She is currently preparing for this year’s Bridge Day, as well as a 2650 foot rappel off El Cap in the summer of 2010 when Extreme Rappels (XTR) is going to guide an expedition to Yosemite to do a single-rope rappel off one of the tallest exposed rocks in the country.

You can bet Meghan will be first in line to make that drop, too.

Special Guest Post By:

Wendy Williams, 2009