Bridge Day Zipline Tour

The New River Gorge Bridge Zipline Is Now Open To (A Very, Very Small Portion Of) The PublicIf you believe the advertising, there are tons of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. That last sale at the used car place. Those QVC collector’s plates. I’m pretty sure the McRib®, last time they offered it. This is different.

To help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Bridge Day in West Virginia, we’ve planned a special opportunity for a very few people.

Let me tell you how few: 80,000 people come to Bridge Day. There are 10 spots open.

That’s once-in-a-lifetime.

What I’m talking about is a tour. More than a tour. An experience. Walk across the New River Gorge Bridge catwalk, leave via a 700 foot zipline. Here are the details: • Your van will pick you up and take you to the south side of the bridge where you will be met and escorted out onto the catwalk. • You get to walk through the girders and superstructure of the bridge along the catwalk, 840 feet above the river. • You will be strapped into a harness for a 700’ zipline to the road below. • Your van will pick you up on the road below and escort you down to the bottom where you’ll be able to view the BASE jumpers as they leap 876’. • You will be provided with a snack of yummy goodness. • Cost: $125/person (not bad at all for once-in-a-lifetime stuff). • Only ten spots available. Really. • You have to be 18 or over, and under 250 lbs. • To reserve your spot you’ll need to call 800-927-0263. • Hurry. Seriously.