Senoritas Fajitas – 17 Years of Bridge Day Fajitas

It all started about-hmmm lets see -17 years ago-is that right? Yep, it is! What was then a passing thought on how to glean a little extra cash for the ‘off season’ is still going strong after all these years! Hi, I’m Joy Marr, longtime resident of Fayette County, owner of Gourmet on the Gorge (a local catering company) and partner in what the ladies at the Chamber named us 17 years back- Senorita’s Fajitas. My friend Cindy and I started out as any young go-for-it type gals would, thinking….OK if there really is gonna be 75,000 people out there someone is going to want to eat something good and if we could get just a piece of that 75,000 (say 1% or so) we could make some money-and ah that means heat this winter-Yes were in!

And so it started. We have been very lucky to be part of Bridge Day since then. It is a blast… yes it is a bit of work (but that’s generally how you make money) but the fun, the support, the diners who come back year after year after year, waiting in lines that go for 5 or 60 feet (yes-its true), as the smoke from the grilling fajitas waft past them, all help to make it worth it.

The folks at the Chamber make being a part of this event super simple- they are on every little detail and if you just follow their lead, do your paper work and get it in on time, they will make sure it all comes together for you. All you need to do is offer a great product and exude a great attitude to glean your little percentage of the spectators-it is just that easy. Well, there is the 5:30am check-in line up …. But that’s for another time. See you on the Bridge, Senoritas Fajitas -booth 29!