The Bridge Day West Virginia Blog Is Jumping

Get it?  It's a pun with the word "jumping", because we... okay, never mind.  Sorry. We're getting the blog back together!  It's long overdue, and there's a lot to write about.  I'm not sure where we'll put everything, but if I've learned anything from Bridge Day, it's this:

Aw Yeah!

Sometimes, you just gotta jump.

So here's what you can expect to see on the blog...

  • Stories about funnel cake.
  • A lot of posts about why people BASE jump.
  • The view from the rope:  all about rappellers and the people that love them.
  • Da Bridge.  History, facts, stats, pics, and whatever else I can find.
  • How to make funnel cake.
  • Whitewater stuff and rock climbing stuff and mountain biking stuff.  Basically, the other events here in the gorge.
  • Lots of posts about the people that come to Bridge Day (that's YOU!)
  • Directions, logistics, and seriously helpful info about the Bridge Day event.
  • Zen and the art of funnel cake.
  • West Virginia Vacation ideas, and believe me, there's nooooooo shortage of stuff there.
  • Places in the park and exploring the New River Gorge National River Areas
  • Something about riding motorcycles around in the mountains of West Virginia.
  • Guest blog posts from around the world of Bridge Day.
  • Two words:  Funnel.  Cake.

So, in advance, thanks for stopping by.  You absolutely rock for coming to this blog, because, hey, that's just how we roll.  It ought to be a really good time, so make sure you tell your friends.  Or not (completely understand if you just need to keep your Bridge Day addiction to yourself- baby steps).

So that's where I'm coming from.  How about you?  This is your bridge day blog, so what would you like to see here?  Write a comment, and I guarantee you won't be ignored :-)