5 Reasons Why Subaru Rocks

Hey, guess what? Subaru is the flagship sponsor for Bridge Day West Virginia 2010.

Don't try this at home.

Right.  Subaru.  The folks that did this.  And built this.

How cool is that?  Wait, wait... I know the answer...  VERY cool.  Sorry, but Subys flat out rock.  They run forever, go anywhere, look cool, and did I mention they run forever (almost)?

It's really a perfect fit for Bridge Day, too.  They're not hugely popular in New York and L.A., but hey, neither are we.  That's okay; people in the mountains know what works (I'm kind of a fan, if you haven't guessed).

Here's a list of 5 reasons why Subaru rocks:

1. Attitude Or really, I should say non-attitude; they're the opposite of showing off.  Pretty good on the fuel consumption, but more than that, it's a feeling of independence.  That's it: Subaru drivers are independent.

2. Looks They're cool looking, but, again, not showy.  Lots of room for kids, dogs, parachutes, rope, bikes, skis, snowboards, skateboards, inflatable pool toys, apples, and kayaks.

3. Green-i-ness Every Subaru made comes for a factory that produces ZERO landfill waste.  And the Suby plant in Indiana was named... wait for it... a wildlife habitat.  Clearly, they're on to something that resonates with their target market (read: you).

4. Performance Did you watch those video links?  These things can climb trees.  Nothing better for winter in the Appalachian high country than a dependable four wheel drives that's all that under the hood.

5. Community Subaru sponsors all kinds of cool organizations, like the National Ski Patrol, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, and the International Mountain Biking Association Trail Care Crew.  And, y'know, us.

Hey, looks like Bridge Day is in pretty good company.  Make sure you stop by the Subaru booth to say hi.  They're going to have a ton of swag to give out, and some great discounts on new cars (c'mon, you know you want one).

So what about you?  Love your Subaru?  Let us know in the comments.