A Marriage Consumation

On Bridge Day morning in 2007, she walked out onto the catwalk completely unsuspecting that her future husband would be standing there waiting for her with a ring in his hand. TiNy Manke got on his knees, in one of their favorite places, surrounded by some of their closest friends, and asked NikKy to marry him. That is by far one of the most romantic proposals I have ever witnessed. Tiny and Nikky - Bridge Day

The following September, they were married during the huge caving event down in TAG (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia) Country, and it had all the glamour and beauty one could imagine with flowing gowns, flowers and beautiful tuxes.

But, according to the newly weds, the marriage wasn’t consummated until they had rapped down and climbed back up the 700+ feet of rope during Bridge Day, 2008. Talk about your ultimate marriage ceremony.

And as for Bridge Day, 2009, the couple will be taking their usual places at each of the V-Bats rappelling stations, now a happily married couple still doing one of their favorite things, in one of their favorite places with some of their favorite people in the world.

Special Guest Post By:

Wendy Williams, 2009