Top 3 Things To Do at the Gorge's Fall Festivals

Bridge Day isn't the only festival you can enjoy in the New River Gorge this fall!

Bridge Day festival

Bridge Day is scheduled during the usual peak leaf season, but you can watch the trees begin to spark their fiery colors with 2 other festivals leading up to the big day.

Get in on the fall-time fun. Here are some of the top activities at some of the Gorge's upcoming festivals:

Oak Leaf Festival, Aug. 20-31

The Oak Leaf Festival fills Downtown Oak Hill with regalia— games, contests, vendors, pageants! It's a community celebration that goes strong all week long.

1. Oak Leaf Showcase Showdown

Catch performers with amazing vocal or hidden talents bring their best to the stage to contend for top-place trophies. You don't have to be a resident to enter, so you can show off your skills, too!

2. Cruise in + Street Dance

Downtown Oak Hill will erupt in music beginning at 6 p.m., and you can party down until 9:30 to a spot-on Elvis impersonator, then the Beach Nite Band. As the celebration unfolds, you can also taste the chili cook-off contenders or browse one of the 90+ vendor booths. There will also be fireworks dancing through the skies to join the fun.

3. Oak Leaf Parade

Saturday morning excitement starts early for the Oak Leaf fest. Rise and shine for a hearty helping at the Lions Club pancake breakfast. Then catch the raising of the flag as the crafters come out to show off their wares. This will help you get a good spot for the "Pride of the Plateau Parade" starts marching through the streets.

The Country Roads Festival, Sept 20-21

The longest-running festival of its type in the area, Ansted's Country Roads Festival is full of arts, music, food and mountain culture.

1. Applebutter making

An appalachian tradition! Help churn the tasty traditional treat before you give it a try! It's a sweet, thick and delicious spread once it's finished.

2. True Mountain Music

Enjoy the real sounds of the hills with regionally grown styles and local musicians. Catch bluegrass and country on Saturday, and gospel on Sunday.

3. Traditional Crafts

Come see what they've created, from traditional quilts and candles with techniques passed through the ages to innovative pieces of unique style. Then, you can ride the park's aerial tramway over he gorge for a great view of the  inspiring landscape here that spark local artisan passions and inspire some of their gorgeous works.

Bridge Day, Oct. 18

Our own Bridge Day, the largest extreme sports festival of its kind, draws nearly 80,000 people from around the world to the New River Gorge Bridge to see the action.

1. BASE & rappelling

Watch the daredevils with the guts to leap from the New River Gorge Bridge or lower themselves down into the gaping gorge canyon! Get a good view form over the railing, or with a Hometown Subaru Into the Gorge Shuttle or Down Under Tour to the bottom.

2. Highline or Bridge Walk

Get in on the action! Trek across the catwalk that stretches below the bridge, or even take the highline from it down into the forest below!

3. Contests, contests, contests!

There are tons of free contests from Bridge Day vendors each year. Stop and explore every booth, and when you see merchandise you like, take some home, or enter to win it!

Which festivals and activities will you try?