5 Reasons to Visit Ansted, WV

If you're traveling scenic Route 60 on your way to Bridge Day, you should stop in Ansted, WV.


Keep watching for it. Blink, and you may miss it amidst its vast state park land and lovely mountain setting.

The little town is full of character, with plenty to explore. Here are our 5 favorite things to do in Ansted, WV:

Explore War History

Start your journey through the ages at the Ansted Museum, which will give you an overview of the area's eclectic past. The area was heatedly fought over during the Civil War, as an important passageway through the countryside. The Union army had headquarters in Ansted at Tyree's Tavern, still standing today as the Halfway House.

The war isn't the only history that runs through Ansted. Stonewall Jackson's mother is buried there. The county historical society is in the historic Contentment Home, where you can also see an old 1-room schoolhouse and original 19th century furniture. The Page-Vawter House is a prime example of the wealthy barons the coal boom brought to the area.

Play in Hawk's Nest

To take in the beauty of the WV mountains, you need only to hike Hawk's Nest State Park's trails out to canyon-rim overlooks. Or, simply hop aboard the aerial tram for an easy bird's-eye view of all there is to see. But first, explore the Nature Center to learn a bit more about all you can spot in the forests.

Taste the Mountains

Hungry? Hawk's Nest also provides great fare. The chef cooks up everything from Appalachian trout and meatloaf to classics like burgers and steak. And on the way through town, you'll also pass Blue Smoke Salsa, where you can stop in for gourmet kettle-cooked salsa, fresh pepper jelly and guacamole chips.

Take off on New River Jetboats

To go deeper through the gorge, catch the tram down and hop aboard New River Jet Boats for a river ride the whole family can enjoy. You'll take off on "Miss M. Rocks" to float all the way down to see the iconic New River Gorge Bridge. 

Uncover The Mystery Hole

It's an odd little sight tucked into the most demote mountain roads, a throwback to the early roadside attractions. Among the never-ending greenery, you can't miss the bright yellows and reds of the shack, with a car sticking out the side… one of many strange decorations strung around the yard.

It makes a bold claim "Laws of gravity— defied!" What lies in store in the Mystery Hole are a series of disorienting optical illusions and funny contraptions. That's all the detail we can share; it's an experience to be had to understand. The lively crew can show you the ropes.

What's your favorite thing to do in Ansted?