How many of these 35 uniquely New River Gorge experiences have you had?

For 35 years, we've been jumping off the iconic New River Gorge Bridge. And for 35 years, the love for this gorgeous area has grown.

Bridge Day photo WV

It's a unique Appalachian area, with rich history, quirky shops and unique flavor. In honor of our 35 years here, we picked 35 of our favorite and most memorable experiences in the gorge.

How much of the New River Gorge have you taken in?

Bridge & Bridge Day fun

1. Walked the New River Gorge Bridge catwalk

2. Watched the BASE jumpers from right up on the bridge's railing

3. Seen the rappelers from below, either on a boat or with a shuttle

4. Bought a unique piece of WV artisan work

5. Highlined from the bridge

6. Voted for your favorite delicacy at Taste of Bridge Day

7. Taken a photo with a costumed BASE jumper (bonus points if it was Santa or the 3 pigs!)

8. Entered one or all the giveaways at the vendor booths in hopes of earning cool prizes

9. Sampled all the chili flavors at the annual cook-off in Fayetteville after Bridge Day?

10. Indulged in a festival funnel cake?

New River Gorge Adventure

WV Zip lines

11. Rafted the world-class whitewater of the New or Gauley Rivers

12. Ziplined through the forest

13. Biked the rugged mountain terrain

14. Climbed the gorge's sandstone walls

15. Hiked Long Point Trail to see the sweeping canyon view

16. Skydived, to get a feel for the fall yourself

17. Boated, paddle boarded, or swam in Summersville Lake

18. Uncovered a tucked-away waterfall off the trails in the forest

19. Taken to the trails more unconventionally, on an ATV or horseback

20. Explored the underside of the gorge in a cave?

Around Town

New River Gorge mural

21. Shopped for outdoor gear (or browsed the sock moneys) at Water Stone Outdoors

22. Dined in the Cathedral Cafe

23. Caught a show at the Historic Fayette Theater

24. Tried something you've never had on a pizza before at Pies & Pints

25. Browsed the antiques and collectibles at Wisteria

26. Stayed in a family-owned WV B&B or retreat

27. Explored the region's rail history in Thurmond, WV

28. Seen the views from Grandview or Sandstone Falls

29. Explored the Route 60 Midland Trail

30. Photographed the Babcock Grist Mill (the most photographed spot in the state)

Local Secrets & Favorites

31. Explored the The Mystery Hole

32. Visited the ruins of an abandoned mine town (Kaymoor, Nuttalburg, etc)

33. Walked down (and back up) all the Kaymoor steps

34. Visited the historic Prince Depot

35. Ventured out to Blue Smoke Salsa for a sampling

What was your final number? What would you have added to the list?