Why Be a Bridge Day Vendor in 2015?

A new year means a new Bridge Day!  Vendors at the Bridge Day festival in WV

2015’s day is already in the works, and we’ve got big plans. But one of the things that keeps people coming back are our amazing vendors.

Bridge Day brings more than 80,000 people to the New River Gorge each year to watch the BASE jumpers and rappellers. And while there, they also browse vendors lining the bridge.

Whether you're a crafter looking to sell your wares, an organization looking to further its cause, or a CVB looking to share other festivals and places, Bridge Day is a great place to connect to people.

You're guaranteed a lot of exposure. Because the event is only along the span of the bridge, everyone heading toward the edge to watch the action will pass the vendors, conveniently lined up before the central jump area.

The booth can grab more attention with an interesting display or cool giveaway. Last year, nearly every booth had some sort of interesting contest, but games and other visual aids also pique the interest of passersby. Live demonstrations are a real attention-grabber, too.

The fees for such a large event are comparatively small, and early discounts make it even more affordable. Save $100 if you register before July 1, and pay only $150. Apply before April 1, and we'll even waive your application fee.

Plus, you get access to the Bridge Day fun, too. Bring a partner and take shifts so you can enjoy this unique event. You'll each get a parking space to help unload everything you need to set up.

Fill out a vendor application to reserve a booth.