Ring in the New Year 'Round the New River Gorge!

Welcome the new year with your closest friends on a getaway to the New River Gorge. Luxury cabin in WV

Here's how to have the best NYE ever: 

1. Get a luxurious cabin

Grab your favorite people, and split the cost of a cabin. Don't just pick any cabin, though. The New River Gorge cabins have the best scenery, from the rolling mountain hills to the gaping gorge. So, that narrows the locale. (You want to be acutely aware of the wonder of nature when you welcome 2015. It's both humbling and inspiring, setting a really high bar for your year. )

Look for off-season winter rates, and pick a cabin all the finest amenities— private rooms for everyone, a steamy hot tub, full kitchen, the works. Start the New Year in luxury, and maybe it will rub off on the rest of your 2015.

2. Secure snacks & drinks

Head to Kroger and choose some snacks and treats, like fine cheeses, creamy chocolates or sweet locally crafted Blue Smoke Salsas. Stock up on champagne or your favorite drinks for the night, too!

Blue Smoke Salsa

Or, select something a bit more hearty with some chef-crafted specialties from any of the local dining spots.

3. Pick a party

There's plenty to enjoy in the gorge. Dine lavishly on Appalachian gourmet at Smokey's on the Gorge before you dance 2014 away. Or dress to impress to win "best attire" at Secret Sandwich Society, with Cajun cuisine and a funky live band to help you liven up the night. You can even let loose with the Wild Rumpus, jigging to their stompgrass sound at the Historic Fayette Theater.

After midnight, cheer and celebrate, then head back to the hot tub for those drinks & snacks that await.

4. Cross something big off your resolutions list

Resolve to do something thrilling— a bucket list item— in 2015. And get a huge jumpstart on your resolution-keeping by crossing that off your list on day 1. Skiing swiftly down a huge mountain? Flying through the trees on a zipline? Crossing a bridge 487 feet in the air? Crawling through underground caverns? Dream big, then start 2015 as a year of achieving your dreams.

And of course, get in a challenging hike or a mountain bike ride to get your health resolutions revved up early, too.

How will you welcome the New Year?