Top 5 Reasons Adventurers Should Love WV

In honor of West Virginia\'s 150th birthday, let\'s celebrate by sharing the reasons adventurers like us love this place. New River Gorge, WV

We know, there are hundreds of reasons adventurers love it here. But we\'re narrowing it down to the Top 5. (But, we\'ll be as vague as we can to include more.)

5. Weather for All Adventures!

We play hard all year round! Our mountains are just as perfect for cold-weather skiing as they are for warm-weather mountain biking. Our high, swooping slopes get covered in mounds of snow every winter, and it melts away in the summertime heat for even more outdoor fun. We trade off and get the best of both worlds.

4. The Food is Delicious, and Adventure-Friendly

Did you know we invented the pepperoni roll? Do you know what the pepperoni roll is? No? What kind of adventurer are you?

It\'s okay; a lot of non-West Virginians haven\'t been introduced to this state staple yet. At its simplest, it\'s a baked roll, stuffed with cheese and pepperoni sticks. But you should try one out, dear adventurer, because it\'s the perfect adventure meal! Carbs and protein for energy, light and easy to pack, keeps in a bag for days without refrigeration, and, oh yeah, it\'s dang delicious.

3. It\'s Gorgeous Beyond Belief

We\'re the Mountain State, but that\'s a bit misleading. Our rolling hills aren\'t the grey, barren, snow-capped peaks you doodle on your notebooks as a triangle with a jagged squiggle. Our mountains are fields of waving, tree-covered hills. It\'s a rolling, lushly green landscape of leafy peaks and cottony fog-laden valleys. We have scenic mountain views across the state that include winding riverbeds, long, tumbling waterfalls, and miles of gorgeous greenery. It\'s pretty impressive. Like, wow.

2. It\'s Adventure Central

With an ever-expanding list of outdoor adventures, we\'re really not sure what you can\'t find to do in West Virginia. It\'s like a giant wilderness playground, so the people who settle here are those that love recreation. And they keep bringing in new, creative ways to take advantage.  Not to mention, we have a vested interest in keeping up with adventure trends and new activities, since it\'s an economic driver. Aerial adventure parks, longer and longer zip lines, biplanes, orbing. There\'s more on the list every year.

1. It\'s the Home of Bridge Day

Our favorite, of course, though perhaps we\'re biased. But, BASE jumpers are barred from leaping off of most of the world\'s men-made structures, so this once-a-year event really offers a unique chance. Plus, it\'s fun for rapellers who lower themselves from the bridge, rafters who paddle for a better view of the action, hikers who trek through the Gorge to see the jumps, and a host of other adventurers.

What\'s your #1 reason to love WV?