Coal Heritage in the New River Gorge

Did the coal miner homage tunes in our last blog leave you wondering more about our rich coal heritage? Kaymoor Mine WV

Here are a few places to learn more about mining in the New River Gorge:

The Whipple Company Store

This old company store used to be the only resource for families of mining towns. Unable to spend their meager scrip pay anywhere else, the miners were completely indebted to these shops. You can now tour through the Whipple Company Store to get a glimpse of coal town life and livelihood, or even take a haunted tour of the store, which is said to have kept miners in debt even after their passing.

The Town Ruins

During the booming age of coal, the Gorge was flooded with activity as families relocated to fill the mining jobs in the area. The bustling little towns like Kaymoor and Thurmond that sprung up out of seemingly nowhere were short-lived, however, leaving almost as quickly as they came. Though the buildings are these days no more than a spare wall here and a brick or train track there, you can explore these lingering pieces of history along the New river Gorge trails.

2013 Explore WV Tour

During the 2013 Boy Scouts Jamboree this summer, Experience WV will be hosting several activities in the area for Scouts, families and the public to enjoy. Among other energy seminars is a "Coal Mining: Past and Present" event, exploring the dwindling indutry that once thrived in our state. What part about coal history most intrigues you? Which coal heritage stop are you most excited for?