What’s The Best Thing About Bridge Day?

Under this pack is somebody cool Well, the bridge itself is a pretty strong contender.  At 3030 feet long and 876 feet high, it's an engineering marvel that draws people from around the world.

So there's that.

And there's the scenery.  The New River Gorge in the fall is hard to top for pure scenic spectacle.  Not to mention when it's the backdrop to BASE jumpers above and rappelers below.

Also, funnel cake.  'Nuff said.

All that stuff is great.  It's part of what makes Bridge Day what it is.  We can call it the setting, the props.  Bridge Day is a stage.

That makes the best thing about Bridge Day pretty easy to pick out:  it's you. The players.

You guys, with your lots and lots and lots of bumper stickers.  Y'all, with your pretty incredible sense of community.  All of you, with the skill and experience to do this, to make this all happen.

That stuff can't be bought.  It has to be earned.  And that's what everyone is coming to see.

And spectators, too.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if 100,000 behold something beautiful, well, you have to figure they're a part of the beauty, as well.

I mean, I had a blast meeting folks today.  Great attitudes, lots of excitement.  Everyone had a story to tell, everyone was smiling (shivering?  both?!)

So, what's the best thing about Bridge Day?  It's the people, plain and simple.

(The funnel cake is pretty damn good, though.)