The Smell Of The Taste Of Bridge Day

ceviche & tropical fruit shorbread from Rezan's It's 30 minutes until Taste of Bridge Day officially begins, and no one is letting me eat anything.

So what gives?

Well, I can understand.  This is the big dance- the chance for restaurants in and around the gorge to put up their best dishes for the world to taste.

Still, I'm pretty hungry, though.  Can't I just get little preview?

I'm going to try to describe how it smells in this room right now:  Imagine a bakery next to a rib pit, with a mexican place across the street that shares a kitchen with an Italian restaurant.

If you're anywhere in the area, you need to get here.

I see a lot of familiar faces from around the gorge.  Rezan's got some awesome looking ceviche.  Wendy has some great looking white bean chicken chili and crab cake sliders.  Oscar's got some great looking I don't even know what (carnitas, he tells me), but I'm going to be eating it.

And there are a lot of unfamiliar folks from around WV.  Capitol Market from Charleston, Southern Red BBQ from Beckley, Spoons Cafe from Summersville (who I think used to be raft guides on the New River?).

Anyway, the food looks awesome.  The crowd is fired up.  The party is on.

Ok, they're serving.  Gotta go :-)