Catch Spring In Action: New River Gorge Nature Hikes

The winter landscapes of the New River Gorge have been slowly blossoming into a vibrant, floral rainbow! Time to hit the trails. Aside from taking a BridgeWalk and strolling atop the New River, there are tons of paths to wind into the woods to explore the springtime foliage. Here are a few favorites:


Moderate, 1.6 mi

One of the favorite views of the locals, Long Point reaches a cliffside overlook that spans all the way to the New River Gorge Bridge. Climb out onto the massive hanging rocks for the perfect portrait of the entire vast canyon. You can also see the ongoing "endless wall" of cliffside that stretches across the rim of the Gorge.


Difficult, .86 mi

For a challenge, take on the steep rocks of the Bridge Trail. Climb the rugged terrain directly below the bridge to get the close-up complement to the aerial views you see from Bridge Day.


Easy, 1 mi

If you want the view without the workout, stroll the boardwalk at Sandstone Falls. In addition to a 1500-foot-wide wall of cascading waterfalls, you can stop along at overlooks or take a short loop off the boardwalk to see rare plant life you won't find on the other trails, or elsewhere in the Gorge.


Easy, 5.6 mi

Take along a fishing pole to stop along the streamside trail of Glade Creek. Cross over the water on the footbridge, and marvel at all the waterfalls that spill down along the trail.

What's your favorite New River Gorge springtime trail?