Jump Into the Ultimate Thrill: Skydive the New River Gorge

Take the leap! THE leap of your life.  Let it grip your heart as you tumble effortlessly through free-fall.  Plummet gracefully through the heavens. Take the leap, and plant your feet in the sky.

If you're interest is piqued, you might be ready for THE rush— a skydiving jump above the breathtaking New River Gorge.

Fear might grip you, but don't let it hold you back.


It's more than just an aerial tumble. The thrill of a freefall may get your adrenaline pumping, but it's serene, even calming. You take a step, and in an instant, you're a free-soaring feather. Any  anxiety you have will soon be soothed by the time-frozen moment of realization that it's nothing like you expected.

It's not the heart-crunching scare of your nightmares; it's a whizzes-by-you-too-soon, fleeting few seconds of euphoria. Your heart's not pounding; it's drumming along.

Fully realize flight, floating in the wind.


Because you can zero down on the world's most beautiful drop zone, the New River Gorge.

If you haven't seen the steel-arch bridge stretched over the Gorge's sweeping mountain forests, which dip into the whitewater capped New and Gauley Rivers, let us just start with doing you a favor: clicky, clicky.

Take a second to tumble, then a moment to really look around as you enjoy the ride. Your flight is now a float, so you'll have time to catch all the Gorge's aerial angles.


With great risk comes greater reward. But, with expert training comes optimum safety. So you can get the payoff with minimal threat.

Yes, leaping from a plane is dangerous, simply because of the nature of the activity. But do you think they shove you out of a plane with a highly problematic parachute? Nah. It's designed and tested to withstand the pressures and challenges of the situation (with backups, too).

Most of the injuries result from user error. Which is why you'll want to put your trust in the experts at Skydive New River Gorge.

They've been plane-hopping for years. Skydiving is not a hobby for these guys; it's a lifestyle. They've got the procedures down to a science, and a confidence in their abilities that never shakes their respect and observance for the sport and its dangers.


New River Gorge Skydivers is open at the New River Gorge Airport in Lansing, WV, on weekends when the weather permits, and every day during the busy season (from Memorial day through October).

You can save money by trying it twice in one day, and they also offer discounts for certain groups.

And remember, one you get 100 skydives under your belt, you might just be ready to BASE jump at Bridge Day.

Take to the skies. Stand on the edge. You ready?