Important Bridge Day Reminders

For a seamless Bridge Day trip, brush up on these reminders! The world’s biggest BASE jumping festival attracts about 80,000 visitors— that’s a lot of foot traffic! Here’s what you need to know about shuttles, safety and more.

How to get there

There is parking near the bridge along the road, but lines usually stretch really far back, so it’ll be a long walk to the festival. The easiest, fastest way to get to the festival is on the shuttles.

For just $3, a bus will pick you up at these stops (which all have plenty of parking):

  • The Oak Hill Kroger, along the median between Kroger and Kmart.
  • Fayetteville Walmart, to the far left of the store.
  • Fayetteville High School, by the gravel parking area.
  • Fayetteville Court House, on Maple Avenue by Gumbo’s and Marathon Bicycle.
  • Midland Trail High School, in the parking lot.
  • Smales Branch Road, at the Lighthouse Worship Center.

If you do park at the bridge instead of taking a shuttle, remember that you have to pull all the way to the side of the road, or you’ll get a ticket.

Bridge Day safety

Before you head out, please remember:

  • Fido can’t come. Much as we love dogs, there’s not enough room for them on the bridge. This does not include service dogs with proper identification.
  • Drones and quadcopters aren’t allowed.
  • Dangerous stuff isn’t allowed, either. Please don’t bring illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks or booze.
  • Keep wagons, skateboards and skates at home. You’re welcome to bring fold-up strollers, but they have to pass through security at the gate and will be searched.
  • Bicycles aren’t allowed. But feel free to bike after the festival on the hundreds of trails in the New River Gorge!

Everyone will be checked by security at the gate.

View from below

View from below the bridge!

If you want the view from below, you can reserve a ride to the bottom of the gorge on the Adventures on the Gorge, Into The Gorge Shuttles. The tickets sell out fast. Call the Bridge Day office at 304-465-5617 to reserve a spot or be placed on a waiting list.

Fayette Station Road will be closed to regular traffic. You can walk to the bottom of the road— but you’ll also have to take the long walk all the way back up the gorge!

Still have questions? Call the Bridge Day office at 304-465-5617 or connect with us on Facebook.

See you on the bridge!