Taste of Bridge Day

Sure, Bridge Day’s funnel cakes are great. But they’re not the festival’s best.

That’s not knocking Bridge Day’s funnel cakes— which are basically sugar-coated happiness. Seriously. But our local chefs actually bring the top tastes to the table the night before the festival.

Taste of Bridge Day brings out the best of the best of the best. Sample all-stars like Smokey’s on the Gorge (a Food Network “Best of”) side-by-side with mouth-watering desserts from creative stops like The Stache ice cream parlor.

Taste of Bridge Day, WV

The event is free, and you can purchase tasting tickets to try as much or as little as you want.

As you build your own daydream sample platter, you can also enjoy live music and browse local artisans. And it’s all right on the rim of the gorge at Adventures on the Gorge, so if you want a jaw-dropping look at the iconic Bridge, you’re steps away.

The funds from Taste of Bridge Day benefit the Oak Hill and Fayetteville Rotary Clubs, which put it toward community service projects and supporting children in our area. Feel-good flavor!

You can even stay there for the evening if you’re too stuffed to waddle back to your campsite, or you want to indulge in some beverage pairings at the on-site restaurants. AOTG’s got several of lodging options from rustic to luxurious, and they’ll even shuttle you to the event the next day.

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