Design the Bridge Day 2013 Poster

Dear artists of all sorts: we need your help capturing the essence of Bridge Day. Bridge Day needs an official poster for 2013, and we want you to design it.

It\'s hard to take all that is Bridge Day and explain it on paper; that\'s where your unique artistic flair comes in.

Artist? Photographer? Graphic designer? Newbie with access to some colored pencils? Help us spread the bridge love! Whip up a poster for the 2013 festival, and it could become the official poster for the year!

We\'re already taking entries, and we\'ll keep accepting them until Aug. 9. So get your artistic skills cranking, with any medium you see fit. Just make sure it\'s 12 x 16 inches, vertical.

You can only submit one poster, but create as many as you\'d like and enter your top pick.

From the submissions, we\'ll pick three top contenders. On Aug. 12 to 14, Bridge Day fans will be able to vote on their favorite. The winning artwork will become the official poster on Aug. 15.Want a competitive edge? Here\'s what the judges are hoping to see:

1. The Bridge, of course!

Bridge Day isn\'t all about the bridge, but it\'s a pretty important piece! The New River Gorge Bridge is a gorgeous piece of architecture, so don\'t be afraid to play up its iconic structure on your entry!

2. Adventure spirit

The Bridge Day participants are daredevils, performing their stunts for the thrill. It\'s all about adventure! The poster should round up all the excitement of the festival and wrap it up in a powerful visual package.

3. Accuracy

While we love Play Doh\'s tribute to our gorgeous state and unique event, nobody actually bungees from the bridge. We have BASE jumpers, rappellers and zipliners galore, but bungee jumping is prohibited. Make sure you represent Bridge Day\'s festivities accurately and appealingly. (Let us know if you have any questions! We\'ll be happy to answer them.)

4. Creativity

That\'s why we asked you in the first place! Sure, we could throw together a poster, but you have a unique lens to see Bridge Day from, and we\'d love to know what that is. Go all out!

Good luck! We\'re eager to see your art, your interpretation of Bridge Day, and your face there in the crowd.

How will you capture Bridge Day?