How to Get Free Bridge Day Gear & Special Access

Earn free Bridge Day prizes automatically when you earn points in our new social media game. 
If you love the excitement of Bridge Day, all you have to do is show it. 

Earn Free Bridge Day Stuff

Here\'s the deal: we want everyone to know about our awesome base jumping and adventure festival. Because it\'s awesome… which you already know. So you can help us spread the word!

Share Bridge Day on your social networks, and you become a Bridge Day ambassador. Which means you can get perks, from shirts and apparel to special access during the festival. You can keep track of your activities and points on the game\'s site at FanFueled. All you have to do is sign up and get started to earn points.
The game\'s already going.
Here are 5 reasons to start earning points and prizes:

1. Guaranteed prizes, plus chances to get special access.

Reach 7,500 points? Free stuff. Reach 10,000 points? More free stuff. Simple as that. You earn the points, you get the prize.
And then there are the raffles. You can win major prizes like a Sony camera, or special access at the festival by earning enough points to get into the raffles. Media boat passes, access to the Red Bull tent and more.

2. It\'s super easy to rack up the points

10k sound like a lot? Not so! You can earn 1,000 points for just filling out a survey, and another 1,000 for posting a Bridge Day photo to our wall. Easy as cake. All the tasks are social media based, so at most, they\'re just a few clicks of your mouse.

3. Start early, have more opportunity

Our fans are already climbing the scoreboard, and we\'ll be adding new ways to get points as we near the event. So you can get a jump start now, and keep climbing as October nears. The top earner gets a media boat pass, so it\'s worth stacking up those early points.

4. Share Bridge Day & WV with the world

This is the heart of what it\'s all about. We know our fans love the event, love the Gorge, and want to see Bridge Day get bigger and better.  We know that because you have already been generously spreading the Bridge Day love. And now we have a way to say thanks, and recognize you for your help. You are what Bridge Day is all about. (Well, you, and adventure, too!)

5. More prizes to come

We don\'t want to give anything away yet… but there are more great freebies on the way. There will be more and more prize levels as there are more and more points to earn. Get on the board now to be halfway to new prizes by the time we announce them.
And did we mention we\'re still open to suggestions? What prizes do you want to see in the game? What prize are you gunning for?
Want to get even more involved in Bridge Day? We also have a poster contest, and a tandem BASE jump up for grabs.
How are you getting into Bridge Day this year?