Twas the Night Before Bridge Day

Twas the night before Bridge Day, and all through the land,Hearts started racing thinking of the event at hand

Santa at Bridge Day

Excitement, it flowed through valley and ‘cross ridge, Soon it will be time, to play on our bridge

Whether you slide down a rope, are a vendor or jumper, Don’t be surprised by what you see… was that a pig-nosed, pink thumper?

Base jumpers they arrive from many parts of the world, Some tumble and twist from platform and dive board,

Setting fly from the Bridge they cover 8 seven 6 so fast, Some deploy late and make it by the hide on their &#!

For those that have trouble, there are boats down below, The "Pick-Up Guys" as we call them, they have great seats for the show.

Plucking wet, cold, jumpers creates tales of which some may scoff, Just ask Tom about the jumper whose prosthetic arm he pulled off.

Under the bridge there is plenty of action too, On-rope and highline, it's quite amazing what they do.

Rappellers under the bridge, on the cat-walk they stroll, Sliding down rope, directed by a man respectfully called “The Troll”

Take pictures and video, tweet while you play. We hope you will share by tagging your content with #bridgeday.

The food will be fresh, as vendors fry, grill and bake. Serious question folks: is there anything better than a giant funnel cake?

Say hello to the vendors they enjoy visiting with you, And be sure to say thanks to our presenting sponsor, Subaru.

Before you drive please take note of the parking, and shuttles, It will get you in quicker so you can enjoy cakes made with funnels.

Leave your backpack in the car, also your stroller and chairs, Did you know there is a man that uses a chainsaw to carve bears?

Please leave your drugs at home, weapons, fireworks and booze too, You can leave it with me, and there might be some left when your day’s through.

Eat barbecue and grilled chicken, sausage and fajitas, Try kettle corn, a turkey leg, fried Twinkies and peanuts,

We are working to make the day more “green”, Please use the recycling bins and let’s keep our Bridge clean.

Enjoy your day and have lots of fun, Keep your fingers crossed, WOAY's weatherman says we will see the sun!

As soon as the day ends we will start planning again, But let’s have some fun out there. Welcome to Bridge Day 2010.

Have fun!