Welcome to Bridge Day 2010

We're ready. The ongoing process of planning Bridge Day is time-consuming, detailed and yes, stressful. Watching it all set into motion on the morning of the event, is well...priceless.

Sites:Bridge Day 2010The security personnel and vendors are lined up ready to head to the bridge. Flashing lights, fog, and a stream of headlights. Trailers painted with words like "Funnel Cake", and other phrases beginning with "fried".

Off in the distance. Fog. It's a fall morning in the New River Gorge, that's just the way it is.

Walking onto the bridge, you can only see the rails of each side disappear into the fog. In the center a team of BASE jumpers hurriedly arrange, organize and assemble the jump platform.

The rappel teams make their way down below. Covered in carabineers, straps, helmets and packs. The Sounds The dull hum of engines, generators and clanging of aluminum as tents go up.

Walking onto the bridge, you can hear the BASE team giving instruction on setting up the platform. You can hear them but not see. The fog has seemingly eaten them.

Down below, the sound of the "Pick-Up Guys" firing their engines. It's almost time.

The "Feel" Jump PlatformIt's fall. Cool, crisp air, fog, the "smell" of fall. The excitement is palpable.

As the vendors begin set up, the smell of barbecue immediately fills the air. If they made a car air freshener that smelled like this, we want a case.

This however, is the one part, we simply cannot adequately describe. You need to come and experience it for yourself. People are excited, happy and ready to have fun.

The weather forecast says mid-60's and sunshine. Repeat. Sunshine.

The line to enter has formed, the shuttles are running, the flag is being raised. It's time.

Welcome to Bridge Day 2010.