5 most memorable Bridge Day partnerships and stunts

Creativity and Bridge Day sponsorships go hand in hand. Our BASE jumpers are anything but ordinary, and neither are our partners. Inventive contests, challenges and appearances are what they bring to every Bridge Day!

Check out these funky stunts:

1. Parachuting

In the past, one of our sponsors rallied a team of professional aerial stuntmen and jumped off the New River Gorge Bridge. They put their logos on the parachutes, so folks watching the event in person (and online) noticed branding in a dramatic way.

2. The flying car

Believe it or not, a sedan bungeed from the bridge! This was a one-off promotion, but hey— you can make your sponsorship that extreme, too. Dream big!

3. BASE jumping contest!

Every year, folks can register for tandem leaps on Bridge Day. No experience is necessary; a professional BASE jumper will be with you from 876 feet on down! As you might expect, these experiences are very popular and sell out quickly.

But one year, a sponsor held its own tandem BASE jumping contest. The lucky winner could soar off the bridge and donate $1,000 to a charity. Since this was a video contest, it attracted a huge social media following.

4. Rafting trip giveaways

The New River Gorge is one of the best whitewater destinations in the world. A handful of local outfitters can take you on the tamer “Upper” or the raging “Lower,” with its gigantic Class V rapids.

Several Bridge Day visitors scored trips on this famous river for free, thanks to a sponsor’s creative generosity. It showered lucky folks with rafting giveaways and HD cameras! Later, the winners’ whitewater footage showed up in promotions.

5. Zipping from the bridge

Did you know that you can take a highline ride on Bridge Day? It’s another way folks with zero experience can participate during the festival.

One year, the West Virginia Division of Tourism had a Bridge Day photo contest. The winner could take a highline ride 700 feet into the Gorge or stand beside BASE jumpers. Because this was an online competition, it attracted enormous coverage on social media and reached thousands of adventure lovers, photographers and tourists.

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