4 best places to find local artisan crafts

Find unique, handmade gifts from the Gorge! Arts and crafts have a charm all their own. Get that unique look with New River pottery, soap makers and jewelry.

Take a look at these local artisans:

1. Wild Mountain Soap Company

Do wonder about the ingredients in your suds? Banish worry with homemade, organic soap!

Wild Mountain will convince you that natural beauty products are a good deal. First, they’re made with simple ingredients like olive oil and beeswax. Can your store-bought soap make the same claim?

Second, they actually work. Wild Mountain’s sugar scrubs, soap bars, body butter, natural deodorant and lotions do their job without mystery chemicals.

2. Studio B Art Boutique

If you like to browse, this eclectic shop is perfect. Stop by for a wide selection of jewelry, beauty products and clothes, not to mention a great variety of craft beer and wine!

Studio B’s handmade bracelets, earrings and pendants are especially nifty. Local artists take commonplace items like forks and craft them into quirky charms. Who knew a kitchen tool could turn into an octopus pendant?

Studio B is also worth scoping out for knit hats, mittens and socks.

3. Gauley River Pottery

This family-owned studio loves the Gorge so much, it names paints after wilderness scenery!

Gauley River Pottery’s signature color— Gauley Green Glaze— will remind you of whitewater, while Cranberry Mountain Sunset plates evoke our evening skies.

They make just about every kind of pottery you can imagine. Gauley River Pottery has hand-thrown toothbrush holders, honey pots, casserole dishes, pitchers, vases and bowls of all sizes.

4. Stout Grove

Fayetteville’s newest organic farm makes soaps and bath bombs fresh. Some even use natural ingredients from the New River Gorge.

In fact, whenever she can, the owner uses ingredients raised from her farm! Pumpkin Swirl and Maple Stout Beer are about as homegrown as soap can get. Nuttall Sandstone, an exfoliant, is made from canyon grit.

If you’re intrigued, Studio B in Fayetteville sells Stout Grove soap.

Where do you like to shop for arts and crafts in the Gorge?