Hungry? Our Five-Course, Bridge Day Inspired Meal

The cuisine that “The Taste of Bridge Day” serves up the evening before Bridge Day is a wonderful contribution from area restaurants. It’s a nice addition to the World Famous Bridge Day festival for sure. But there is just something about festival food that can't be denied.You know, that sugary, sticky, and possibly greasy treat that isn’t good for you but tastes amazing? Whether it’s the atmosphere that makes those funnel cakes so delicious or the fact that you may only get to eat them once a year, it’s hard to say.

No matter what the reason, there's definitely something intensely desirable about festival food. We thought we would create our own 5-course Bridge Day feast to get you thinking about what you’ll eat when you're on the Bridge this year.

For Starters

Right out of the gate, a big pretzel makes a great first food. Easy to handle and share, it is definitely a good appetizer for one (or more). This perfect doughy, salty treat can be made even better with dips. We’re talking butter garlic or nacho cheese.  And you can’t go wrong with the classic mustard.

Moving On

As a second course (and palette cleanser), we suggest a caramel apple. Oh yes. The tart, juicy apple and sweet caramel will contrast very well with the salty tang of the first course pretzel. Plus, it won't hurt to have the 4-5 grams of fiber the apple offers to help balance out this meal. Can caramel apples be classified as a health food?

Getting Into It

Onto the third course, where this Bridge Day feast gets serious. This is the course where we suggest a hearty bite to help you power through the other courses. The BBQ sandwich has a real WV feel and great smoked barbeque should be experienced by everyone.

A big sandwich, piled high with delectable smoked pork, smothered in a tangy sauce and heaped with cole slaw makes for great Bridge Day fare.

Just For Kicks

As a fourth course and “after dinner” snack, we cannot resist that perennial festival favorite: funnel cake. This fried delight is a must have for any festival or fair. The deep fried batter treat has its origins with our neighbors to the north, the Pennsylvania Dutch. We will take ours in the traditional style; with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. But feel free to jazz yours up anyway you see fit.

For Dessert

After a meal that includes a caramel apple and a funnel cake, it may not seem like dessert is necessary. Au contraire; this isn't a normal meal. This is a feast fit for one of the world's largest and highest bridges, and hey, it's a festival.

So, with that in mind, we figure that a deep fried Twinkie is the way to end our Bridge Day meal. Yes, a cream filled sponge cake is good, but we know it can be better. How? Yep, batter-dip it and drop it in some hot oil. Delicious!

So there's our Bridge Day feast. Yes, it may not be a balanced meal including the five food groups, but that wasn't the goal. Sometimes you’ve just got to splurge. Right?

What does your ultimate Bridge Day Feast include?