How to Get Your “Green On” on Earth Day

For some of us, we recycle.  We refuse to use aerosol cans.  We leave no trace.But that’s about the extent of our giving to Mother Earth.  So this Earth Day we’re striving to do a bit more and pay more attention.

How can you make your life greener?  What steps can be taken to protect our waterways and forests? How can we ensure a future friendly life for our children? Here are a few tips for starting a greener life today:

We’re Buying in Bulk This may at first seem like a way to save Sam’s and not the Earth - but it is. Buying in bulk helps save on unnecessary packaging and paper waste.

The New River Gorge

Shutting it Down Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, including your computer.  Shutting it down at night can save on valuable electricity.

Hang Yourself out to Dry Create an indoor or outdoor clothesline to save on energy used by your dryer.  A clothes dryer is usually a home’s second largest energy user.

Get Greener Grass the Greener Way Pesticides and fertilizers are usually pretty toxic and eventually can find their way into our waterways.  Take a minute this year to read the labels and buy more “earth friendly” agents like Espoma.

Read a Book Even Dr. Seuss’s book The Lorax talked about what we might be doing to our own backyards.  Strive to read one environmentally friendly book this year to pick up more tips that you can share with your kids, your neighbors, and yourself.

In the words of the Lorax – we hope you’ll start today on the road to a bit of a greener habitat.

How else do you get your "Green On"?