Why Bridge Day is Home in The New River Gorge

There is no better place for Bridge Day than the New River Gorge. In addition to having beautify scenery and a fantastic steel-arch bridge to make it all possible, we have a thriving community that's always up for an adventure. If you need proof, look at how everyone came together to create this promo for an upcoming climbing event in Fayetteville:


Yeah, that was a skydiving sock monkey.

We are always amazed by the creativity and quirkiness that comes out of the Gorge. (I mean, you have to the a little out there to be a community of people who celebrate jumping off a bridge, right?)

But even more importantly, it's wonderful to see our entrepreneurs come together to support the ever-adventurous spirit of Fayetteville, no matter how silly they're asked to be.

"Dress up in costumes? Dance in the streets? Sure. We got this."

The Homoclimbtastic is one of many, many interesting, and sometimes offbeat, adventure festivals that have taken root in the Gorge. The climbers also flock in for the New River Rendezvous every year. Kayakers from across the globe camp out to celebrate their sport during Gauley Fest. The list goes on and on.

And of course, there's our own Bridge Day, the world's premier BASE and rappelling event. It's easy to see why Bridge Day has grown and thrived here.

Support the supporters of Fayetteville's adventurous collective spirit. When you're in town for Bridge Day, check out some of the shops and businesses that took part in the video.

Here's your show-'em-some-love checklist:

And, that's really only a small sample of the entrepreneurs who help keep the adventure flowing in Fayetteville. Explore the town. It's small enough to walk through, but there's enough to keep you entertained all day.

What's your favorite place to stop in Fayetteville during Bridge Day?