Fayetteville, WV, & Endless Wall Trail Earn More National Acclaim

We love it when we get the recognition of visitors! This past week, readers of USA Today’s “10 Best” named our very own Endless Wall Trail the # 1 National Park trail to hike in the USA, and we made it onto Matador Network's America’s Top 20 Coolest Outdoor Towns. Endless Wall trail

We are keeping company with towns like Moab, UT and Bend, OR. The Matador Network celebrated our world-class whitewater and great food. We can’t help but feel proud to know that we beat trails like Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park and Bright Angel in Grand Canyon National Park.

Named after the unbroken 3-mile sandstone cliff line 1,000 feet above the New River, the 2.4-mile Endless Wall Trail is a true gem. Developed by climbers before being included in the park, the trail was originally used to access the cliffs below. Once the trail was established, it soon became popular with locals and people visiting the area for its quick access and outstanding views of the New River Gorge.

The trail starts out in shady pine forest before crossing over Fern Creek, and then snakes along the rim of the fabulous New River Gorge. The panoramic views of the Gorge and New River from Diamond Point are equally spectacular regardless of the season.

The Endless Wall Trail lets you experience the magnificence of the Gorge, while seeing how others recreate here as well. You can hear the whoops of excitement from people rafting and kayaking in the river below, and may even see rock climbers scaling the impressive cliffs.

Amidst the pines, old-growth hardwoods, rhododendron thickets and moss-covered boulders, you’ll meet native and migrating birds and forest creatures galore. It’s an easy way to pass an afternoon, watching the birds of prey soar in the Gorge from Diamond Point.

We expect to see some new faces on The Endless Wall Trail this season, as hikers and nature lovers are bound to want to see why we got #1. Will you join them? Or will you seek out solitude on another trail?

Let us know your favorite trail in the comments section below.