Make it a Weekend: More To Do Near Bridge Day in WV

New River Jetboats Planning your Bridge Day getaway? Make it a whole weekend adventure in the New River Gorge.

We know what you're doing Saturday morning and afternoon, but there's lots of entertainment for the rest of the weekend, too.

Here are some suggestions for planning your Bridge Day Weekend:

The Friday Before

Taste of Bridge Day

Take in all the local flavor with your own mix-and-match sample platter of the Gorge's finest at Taste of Bridge Day. It's only $1 per taste ticket, and you can try some of the culinary creativity of our area.

Extreme Sports Boogie

Get pumped up for the BASE jumps with a parachute leap of your own! Skydive NRG will be taking up large groups of jumpers to leap from a PAC 750 and soar through the skies.

After Bridge Day

Chili Cookoff

Downtown Fayetteville will get the pots sizzling for the Bridge Day Chili Cook-Off as soon as the jumpers stop leaping. And all that wandering must have you hungry! Go grab yourself a bowl of each hearty variety.

Local Restaurants

If you're still craving a little something after all that chili, you're in luck. There are one-of-a-kind eateries around every corner in Fayetteville

Right in town, there are plenty of options:

  • You (and your dog) can dig into some Mexican dishes with a El Salvadorian spin at Diogi's.
  • You might stumble upon the Secret Sandwich Society's hideaway for some creative sammies, stacked burgers and homemade chips.
  • You and your crew can share a slice of gourmet pizza and top it off with a local or craft brew at Pies N Pints.
  • Seeking something Southern, or seafood? Try the cajun and creole at Gumbo's.
  • Cathedral Cafe has a full menu in addition to their extensive drink selections.

Hop in the car for 5 minutes or so, and you can grab a hot bite at Chetty's Pub, with a beautiful view of the Bridge from the back deck. Those with bellies growling might prefer to opt for the full buffet at Smokey's on the Gorge.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface of all the delicious restaurants around town. Ask your server what the signature item on the menu is. Every stop has a local favorite, and you'll be happy you learned why.

The Next Day

Gauley River Rafting

We already know you like adventure if you're a fan of Bridge Day, but if you want one of your own, the New River Gorge can accommodate. Take on one of the Top 10 rafting rivers in the world during one of the few days it's actually open for the year. The Gauley's Big 5 rapids are an open challenge to thrill-seeking Gorge-goers.

Hike & adventure

Too much? No worries. There are adventures for all ages and abilities. Hike the winding wilderness trails, or rent a mountain bike and whip along them. Speed sound appealing? Fly through on zipline for a real rush through the fall foliage. The aerial view is just at the top of the cliffsides, if you're up for a rock climb. Pretty much anything you can do outdoors, you can get the best of in the Gorge.

New River Jetboats

Hop aboard New River Jetboats and get the riverside view of the New River Gorge. Spend the day rolling along the waters and gazing up at the fiery forested mountains towering above you.


The view of the New River Gorge from the bridge is awe-inspiring, but it's not the only gorgeous scene in this neck of the woods. Take a trip to the tumbling falls of Sandstone, or see the famous Glade Creek Grist Mill, which you'll probably recognize from all of the photos of it you can find all over the world. The Gorge is just that beautiful, and it's worth seeing for yourself.


Don't forget to take some mementos from your journey home! The Tamarack brings together some of the state's best artisans in one stop. But if you'd rather rummage around a bit for hidden gems, try Wisteria Gifts. Waterstone Outdoors is a great place to stock up on your adventure gear to take that outdoor spirit long with you when you leave. Looking for a little bit of everything? Visit Crossroads Mall.

What else are you doing while in WV?