Bridge Day Tips: 4 Things to Know Before You Go

Tips. Common mistakes. FYIs. Make sure you know before you go:

1. We’ll Send You Back to Your Car if You Bring Prohibited Items.

Bridge Day

Safety first. We can’t let you in if you have:

  • folding chairs. There’s no room for them.
  • bikes, skateboards, etc. There’s no room for them.
  • backpacks, large totes, or large purses.
  • large camera bags. Cameras themselves are fine.
  • Dogs or pets. We love them, but they aren’t allowed on the crowded bridge. (Trust, us, it’s not a fun place for Fido. Bring him back some goodies instead.)

And of course no weapons, fireworks, alcohol, drugs… the usual. You can bring strollers, but they will be searched.

If you try to bring any of these items in, we’ll send you back to your car, even if that’s a long trek.

2. Be Careful How You Park, or You’ll Get Towed

If you’re parking along Route 19 and walking to the bridge, you have to remember that it’s still a road. Your car needs to be pulled all the way over, out of the lane, or it will get towed. We know, when whats-his-car parks out in the street in front of you, it seems like it’s okay. But you have to be conscious and courteous of the of the drivers using the road.

These aren’t our rules, but we want to make sure you know in advance. Because we don’t like to see our Bridge Day family have to find a way to the impound lot after such a fun day.

3. The Park-and-Ride Shuttles are the Easiest Parking Option

If you don’t want to risk being towed, take a shuttle. The busses stop at several locations nearby, where there is more parking. They run frequently throughout the day. And it’s only $2 to ride to the festival and back to your car.

4. Shuttles Up & Down

The only shuttles to and from the bottom of the Gorge need reservations in advance. Your options are the Hometown Subaru Into the Gorge Shuttles or Glade Springs Down Under Tours. You will not be allowed on the buses this year without a wristband.

People often opt to walk Fayette Station Road to the bottom, without thinking about getting back up. You will have to walk the entire 4 miles back, and remember, it will be uphill. You are more than welcome to do so, but plan ahead: dress appropriately for the hike and don’t carry too much to the bottom.

We hope these tips are useful and make your Bridge Day as enjoyable as possible.

Will we see you on the bridge?