Cool Things You’ve Asked About Bridge Day:  And the REAL Answers

Bridge Day is one of those events that takes a village to get ready for.  And in the midst of all our chatting with you – either at the Visitors Center, the CVB, on our Facebook page or on the Bridge- you’ve asked some pretty interesting questions.  Some of which we honestly had no idea the answer. But now that we’ve got some time – we decided to dig a little deeper into our backstory and give you the complete 411.  So here goes…

Q:  So how many volunteers does it take to pull off Bridge Day?

A:  A lot.  Typically on Bridge Day we have in excess of 70 volunteers on the ground – from the pickup crew in water, to the Boy Scouts on recycling, and the activity volunteers in-between.

Q:  Will the event ever be extended beyond 5 p.m.? A:  Tough call really.  Since the event is centered around rerouting traffic from along a very busy roadway, it’s doubtful. But who knows.  We learn to never say never.

Q:  Can I drive down Fayette Station Road? A:  You can drive down into the gorge 364 days a year – the exception being during Bridge Day when it is closed to our event traffic only.  The road is one-way and is best traveled  in good weather.   The Canyon Rim Visitors Center at the top of the gorge also offers a neat audio tour that interprets the area as you drive.

Have any other burning questions?  Send them our way.