What is “Birding by Butt”?

If you don’t feel like budging from your chair, “Bird by Butt” instead at the New River Birding and Nature Festival. The New River Gorge region is home to incredibly diverse bird and plant species. “Birding by Butt” showcases these wonders from front-row seats.

Ready to grab a chair? Find out how “Birding by Butt” works!

Coming home to roost

The WV State Bird, the Cardinal

Roughly 150 species flit through the Gorge, which nature scientists call a “crucial stopover habitat.” No wonder May goes to the birds at the New River Birding and Nature Festival. You’ll spot neotropical birds continuing their journey from South America as well as local feathered residents.

Become an armchair expert

Survey the world from the comfort of your camp chair— that’s “Birding by Butt.” Just relax at Opossum Creek Retreat with a cup of coffee! An avian expert will do the rest.

“Birding by Butt” is geared for beginner fans, so don’t feel sheepish if you can’t identify a warbler. Best of all, this program is completely casual— no hiking or stomping around in the woods for miles.

The inside scoop

Feel overwhelmed by binoculars and special equipment? You’ll figure out which tools are best for birding. Then, get going from the porch or chair! Start identifying all kinds of birds as they swoop past.

With luck, you might spot orioles, bald eagles, scarlet tanagers and hummingbirds. A naturalist will also teach you proper terminology, so bring a notebook.

If you feel like going for a simple walk, start your own bird watch through the forest.

What bird do you hope to see at the festival?

Sam Babcock