Enjoy 3,030 feet of deals on the New River Gorge Bridge!

Want to take advantage of a moonlit night? Wish you had something to do on Memorial Day besides cooking? Bridge Walk specials will get you going whether you cross the New River Gorge Bridge in darkness or cross it during the day! Here’s what’s happening at the New River Gorge Bridge:

Night Walks

Bridge Walk takes you on this catwalk

Enjoy West Virginia’s pristine night-time skies as you stroll along a catwalk illuminated only by moonbeans during a Full Moon Walk. Cast your eyes below the Bridge as you cross the halfway point; 851 feet down, the river shimmers with silver.

See if you can spot the Bridge’s shadow, too. If conditions are right, you’ll see its silhouette etched along the Gorge.

What else makes Full Moon Walks unique? Their scarcity. A full moon happens just a few times a year. Catch the next show April 22, May 21 and June 20.

Holiday Deals

Bridge Walk makes all holidays worth celebrating. Even minor ones, like Tax Day, when you can walk the bridge for just $49! You can score great discounts on Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day and others, too.

More great specials

Do you live in Fayette, Raleigh or Nicholas county? If so, bring proof of residency and walk the Bridge for $49! This deal lasts until May 26, 2016.

Moms and dads can walk the Bridge for free on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, respectively. That’s one heck of a deal!

What’s your favorite view from the New River Gorge Bridge?

Sam Babcock