Splash & Play at ACE's Adventure Lake

ACE resort has not only conquered the wild river waves, it has also created a whole new way to explore West Virginia’s waters— a lake adventure park. ACE Lake in WV

ACE Lake is the 5-acre aquatic centerpiece of the sprawling outdoor resort, with room to fish, swim and splash if you don’t want to crawl and play on the inflatables (but why wouldn’t you?)

The crowd favorite is the Blob. It’s a team activity: one person sinks into the edge of the half-inflated blob, while another ascends the platform beside it. The second person leaps onto the bag, and as their landing cushions, they rocket the first person airborne and into the water.

It’s basically a giant human catapult.

Exciting, yes. But just one of many obstacles you can navigate along the lake, including:

  • A 40-foot waterslide to whip down (one of several water slides.)
  • an inflatable plank you can test your balance across
  • A climbing iceberg with footholds, so you can scramble to the top
  • An aerial zipline that ends with you skimming right into the water below
  • Spinning inflatable Saturn-shaped balls that will tip and twirl as you try to hold on and keep your footing on the rings

That’s barely a peek at all the inflatable games. There’s plenty more to climb onto and figure out.

Along the banks, you can find a dry climbing wall, volleyball and tetherball courts, a giant chess board and more. During the summer, they also screen family films under the stars.

The activities are family-friendly, so everyone can find some floating fun.

And of course, you can also sign on for a river adventure across our area's famous whitewater rapids, or explore the other activities at ACE.

What's your favorite way to explore WV's waters?