31st Annual Bridge Day is a Wrap

It was an adrenaline and funnel-cake filled day for the 363 jumpers and more than 100,000+ (very conservative estimate) spectators who lined the New River Gorge Bridge on Saturday. Bridge Day SubaruTemperatures brought a morning chill to the parachutists lining up as early as 6am, but that didn’t stop them from making more than 1,030 jumps by day’s end. The "Easter Pigs" once again joined the group of 363 jumpers as they launched occasional half-gainer into the morning fog that made spectators ooh and ahh.

Others tested their nerves a bit differently with rappelling 876 feet to the river below or taking to the highline to zip from the bridge. And for the first time more spots were available to take in the action below the bridge for a completely different perspective. And what a perspective that was. The Hometown Subaru shuttles were a hit, watch for them again next year. The "Pick Up Guys", our river and rescue experts, had a busy day with helping some 102 free-fallers out of the water but overall the day was full of standing ovations as many started off their jumps with craziness but ended perfectly with landings squarely on the Landing Zone.

On the bridge, spectators picked up WV made items, learned more about WV Tourism, got free stuff from Subaru (the festival’s main sponsor) and gorged on fajitas to funnel cakes. (No pun intended. Well…maybe a little.)

If you missed Bridge Day or missed bringing your camera, check out all the images from your fellow bridge goers on Flickr. And stay tuned. We’re already dreaming up ideas for Bridge Day 2011…