Know Before You Go: Tips to Zipline Like a Pro

We've been zipping plenty of times, down every line in the Gorge. Along the way, we've learned some important facts about zipping. And now we're going to share this valuable knowledge with you, nervous flight-seeker considering a zip trip.

Here they are, our top insider tips:

1. Listen to your guides.

They're going to tell you al you need to know.

2. Step off the platform.

That's it. You've got it.

WV Zip lines

I know, I know, you expected this blog post to give you insight into how to curb your fears or zip more safely. But we promise you, it's this easy.

When you zipline with one of the resorts in the New River Gorge, you'll start with training to show you just how sturdy your gear is. It's locked in tight, and it could easily, safely carry 3 of you, no problem.

Learn what you'll need to do: take that step we talked about. And the stopping is going to be relatively no-effort, too. You'll be coming back up a bit, so you'll slow. Try to land on the platform if you want, or let your guide pad your landing with his/her tools designed to do that for you.

Still worried about slowing down? Just touch the zipline. A little pressure is all it takes. And you'll have heavy-duty gloves on, so no worries there, either.

You'll hit some "bunny zips" first to get over the fear. Simple slides. You'll get an excited sensation, see how easy it is, and be eager and ready for the next one.

I guess there is one secret to know before you go: the big zips are just the same as the bunny zips, but with a longer ride and with better views.

Easy peasy, guys! So before you go zipping, now that the mystery and fear are out of the way, here are the things you should actually think about:

Choose the right zipline or zip course

There are a couple of great places to go zipping in the New River Gorge. Ace Adventure Resort and Adventures on the Gorge both have great multi-zip courses, and you can even highline at Bridge Day!

  • Ace's zip course includes side-by-side lines to race your friends, and some good glimpses of the rafting rivers and mining ghost towns. It includes short walks and sky bridges.
  • AOTG's Treetops Canopy Tour is a scenic tour, where you can learn more about the forest. It also includes short walks, sky bridges and a small rappel from the last platform.
  • AOTG's Gravity zipline course is high up for sweeping aerial views, and includes the East Coast's longest zipline, the AdrenaLine.
  • Bridge Day's highline is only one zip, starting from the iconic New River Gorge Bridge and heading down into the breathtaking New River Gorge itself.

See all 4 scenes

The New River Gorge is blossoming in the spring, alight in the fall, thriving in the summer, and crystal-encased in the winter. It's a completely different view each time of year, and you'll learn more about each season from your resort guides. Try out (and get photographs from) all 4.

What season will be the setting for your next zip trip?


P.S.: Pssst! For those looking for a real thrill on their zipline: you can go faster by curling into a more aerodynamic ball. Happy flying!