Your Guide to Winter Cabin Vacations in the New River Gorge

Picture yourself in a cabin, snuggled up beside a fire on a cold winter day. Maybe you've been there enjoying it all day, or maybe you need that warmth because you're just back from a winter hike or bike ride. The New River Gorge is full of wonderful cabins, built with your comfort in mind. The nice thing is that those vacations don't have to just be in the summer. Staying in a cabin in the New River Gorge can be a great way to spend time here in the winter too. Need a reason? We have a few.


Getting away is all about leaving your normal “day to day” grind behind. One great way to unwind is a winter stay in a cozy cabin. Nothing allows you to relax like a comfortable place to hang out, spend time with loved ones, and do whatever it is that makes you happy. You can do all three in a WV cabin.

Cabins here are close to civilization but remote enough to allow you the “disconnect” you may be seeking. Most cabins have all the comforts of home, but can be made as rustic as possible. Don't want internet access or a TV during your stay? Just ask to have them removed when you book your trip. Talk about relaxation without distractions.

Get Out and Have a Snowy Good Time

Skiing and snowboarding are two fun winter activities that appeal to the adventure seeker in many of us. Luckily, we have a resort just 30 minutes from the Gorge. Winterplace Ski Resort has slopes to accommodate skiers and snowboarders of all levels. There’s even a snow tubing park! Tubing is fun for everyone, kids and adults alike.

The Gorge has lots of hiking and biking trails and they are open year round. If you've never taken a hike through some snow-covered trees, it's time you did. There’s nothing quite like being in a forest that is a winter wonderland.

Other activities, like zip lines and Bridge Walk, are also open during much of the winter. Even if you have experienced these activities before, a change of seasons will give you a different perspective.

So if you are looking to unwind from your day-to-day grind, or if you just have to get outside and enjoy yourself no matter the season, a cabin vacation in the New River Gorge is a great way to spend your winter getaway.

What do you like to do on your winter vacation?