Your Awesome Video + Plenty of Votes = A Tandem BASE Jump at Bridge Day 2012

Have you ever thought, “It would be SO cool to BASE jump off the New River Gorge Bridge”? Well, with a video camera and some creativity, that daydream could be a reality on Bridge Day 2012. We’re giving away a tandem BASE jump again this year. Additionally, Subaru will donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice. And once again, Bridge Day fans will choose the lucky winner.

The Guidelines

The rules of this contest are simple: If you want to enter, create a video showing the world why you should be the one chosen to jump. Be as creative as you can, but please keep your video under 3 minutes in length. Make sure you mention your charity in the video and why you’re willing to jump of the New River Gorge Bridge to support it.

You can submit your tandem BASE jump contest video entry beginning Friday, August 31. All entries must be uploaded to the Bridge Day Facebook page by 12 Midnight on Friday, September 7. Voting begins Saturday, September 8 and will be open until Friday, September 14 at 12 Midnight. The video with the most votes wins, simple as that.  All videos submitted become property of Bridge Day.


Before you get busy making the world's best video, make sure you meet a couple of requirements. First, you must be at least 18 years old.  You must weigh 200 lbs or less and be capable of an active lifestyle. Those restrictions are in place purely for safety.

Also keep in mind that that the winning jumper must wear athletic shoes or hiking boots on the day of the jump, and must sign a waiver of liability. That’s not much to ask for what will surely be the experience of a lifetime, right?

What if I Don't Win (Or Don't Make a Video)?

Well, you're in luck. Vertical Visions is also selling a limited number of tandem BASE jumps for Bridge Day 2012. You can purchase a tandem jump if you feel so inclined!

So get your creative juices flowing and create a video that will wow those Facebook fans. If you do, you just might be jumping off of the New River Gorge Bridge come Bridge Day 2012.