YOU Can Jump at Bridge Day, too.

We have 3 words for anyone who has a BASE jump off of the New River Gorge Bridge on their bucket list: Tandem BASE jumps. Tandem BASE jump

With 14 Tandem BASE spots available for Bridge Day 2015, you can BASE Jump without the experience required for solo BASE jumpers. (The traditional prerequisite is 100 previous skydives, plus the Bridge Day BASE Safety Workshop.) You won’t need to buy a parachute or any gear either. All you have to do is show up, and step off the bridge!

Tandem jumpers wear special harnesses that attach them to an experienced BASE Jumper. The tandem jump leaders you’ll be strapped to are highly experienced professional BASE jumpers and instructors. The gear and harnesses that the tandem team wear are sturdy and specially designed and manufactured for tandem jumps. You’ll review all the gear, and your tandem partner will review key safety points before you jump.

Once you are rigged up and secured to your Instructor, you’ll face forward and have the view of a lifetime as you stand on the jumpers’ podium to take that 1 little step off of the bridge. Your tandem partner has all the experience necessary to deploy the BASE canopy and steer you both to a safe landing by the New River.

We guarantee this is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. All you have to do is breathe, and enjoy the view.