Xpogo Team Returns for High-Flying Stunts

One of Bridge Day's most popular spectacles is returning this year! Xpogo team

The Xpogo team will be pogo sticking 10 feet into the air to show off their stunts once again, sponsored by Crossroads Mall.

These pros have built an entire extreme sport out of what used to be a children's toy, and what they can do with it is amazing— upside-down leaps, consecutive backflips, insanely high leaps.

"We took the tiny little sticks that everyone sees that are toys, basically, and we just decided that we were going to create a sport out of them," said Nick Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Xpogo, and one of the members springing through the air atop the bridge last year.

The Xpogo pro team are the leaders in the sport. The wild leaps and tricks they perform are often signature stunts they themselves created.

Xpogo jumpers have already accomplished some amazing feats and shattered World Records: swirled seamlessly through 16 backflips, turned upside down at 9+ feet and sprung off nearly everything you can imagine.

"When Xpogo started, it was non-existent," Ryan said. "And now there's a lifestyle developing around it, and it's crazy to see."

The technology is advancing to keep athletes leaping higher and faster, so who knows what this could grow into, or how intense the daring pogo tricks could become. Seeing them in action is watching the history of this fledgling sport unfold.

And it's jaw-dropping to witness.

Catch them set up along the bridge. They'll be breaking out their sticks for high-flying stuntson the south side of the bridge (near booth 125) 3 times throughout the festival: at 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Have you seen the Xpogo crew's crazy tricks?