Xpogo Pogo Stick Stunt Team Bouncing at Bridge Day

Did you ever play with a pogo stick when you were a kid? Well, we bet you didn\'t get 10 feet of air on yours.

Turns out that bouncy little toy can be used in a whole new, way more intense way: for extreme stunts. It looks something like this:


Backflips, in-air poses, leaps over high stacked and human obstacles— team Xpogo, who will be demonstrating their high-flying moves at Bridge Day (thanks to our friends at IWI Athletics), are reimagining the boundaries of the pogo stick.

The new generation of pogo stickers are going bigger and higher all the time, with Xpogo moderating the pogo World Records.

Xpogo Stunt

Pogoers have sprung up in the air, flipped upside-down, landed, and backflipped again 16 times in a row.

One jumper got more than 9 feet of air for a backflip.Another hit the ground only 39 times in a minute as he flew up in the air on his pogo stick.

It\'s a whole new way to pogo, and the Xpogo team keeps cranking up the intensity with new heights and new stunts.

It\'s a fairly new sport, but we\'re excited to welcome them to the scene. The professional Xpogo team will be joining our other extreme sports enthusiasts, showing off their skills at Bridge Day.

Interested in trying out Xpogo? You can buy your own high-soaring pogo sticks. And there are Xpogo tutorials to get you started. (Maybe some of the pros at Bridge Day can give you some pointers.)

Or, just sit back and leave the challenges to the pros, and catch the stunt show at Bridge Day 2013.

Which Xpogo stunt are you excited to see?