WV icon is getting a HUGE makeover

The New River Gorge Bridge will reflect Bridge Day’s passion for the environment in a very big way! The New River Gorge

We’ve finally achieved our dream: to paint the New River Gorge Bridge blue! As many of you know, Bridge Day supports the environment. In the past, our vendors and “One Shirt” campaigns have encouraged everyone to make sustainable choices. Now we’re pushing the “green movement” to a whole new level.

Here are 5 reasons the blue bridge will be great for the gorge:

1. “Beach Glass Blue” is ultra-trendy

Our selection committee looked at more than 250 color chips before finding the winner. We wanted to make a statement about sustainability, and Martha Stewart’sBeach Glass Blue” best reflects the Gorge’s sky and river.

2. The bridge will be at one with nature

Unpainted steel doesn’t jibe with the Gorge. Painting the bridge will blend this engineering marvel into its natural setting.

3. The bridge will unite the community in an awesome way

We want everyone to be involved in this project. Civic youth groups can earn merit badges if they help spray paint the bridge.

4. This project is environmentally friendly

Our team hired the best project managers in the country. Their research suggests we will save 1,500,350 brushes by using 960,200 aerosol cans instead. That saves 3 tons of landfill waste.

What’s more, “Beach Glass Blue” contains chemicals that are vegan and gluten free.

5. Welcome to 3,030 feet of awesome

We’ll make our bridge better than ever. West Virginia will be home to the longest painted steel-arch bridge in the world.

We’re still in the early stages of this project, but stay tuned as developments unfold!

Sam Babcock