5 Reasons You Should Mountain Bike in the New River Gorge

Hop on your bike and pedal up and down the rugged trails of the New River Gorge!


Still dragging your feet and tossing out excuses? Here are 5 reasons to stop stalling and get pedaling in the Gorge:

Cycling is Healthy

Pump that heart, tone those muscles and slim down that waistline! Get in that cardio workout from your bike ride, and you\'ll also boost coordination, lift your mood, sharpen your brain, charge your immune system. Oh, and lengthen your overall lifespan. What\'s not to love about that?

Mountain Biking is Even Healthier

Add some forest scenery, and you\'ll supercharge your health benefits from your ride. Upping the ante with a mountain trail can help you double up your workout and burn more than 600 calories per hour.

Variety of Trails for any Skill Level

The New River Gorge is your connection to hundreds of trails and major trail systems, from the smooth graveled paths that weave through the mountains to the root-covered wilderness ground trails that slice up and down them. Challenge yourself with obstacle-laden trails, littered with log piles, bridges and rock gardens.

Unmatched Scenic Views

Get the highs and lows of one of the world\'s most beautiful backdrops. Peer out from atop the cliffsides and take in the entirety of the New River Gorge, or dip down and ride through the riverbed, pedaling past long-abandoned coal towns and the wilderness of West Virginia.

It\'s a Social Activity

Grab the family for a scenic ride together. Grab your date for a morning getaway into the wilderness. Or grab a  friend and challenge each other up and down the mountain slopes. Biking gives you time to chat, and place to go. Try seeking out a geocache together while you\'re pedaling through the trails.

Convinced yet? Get pedaling! There\'s no reason not to!