Where Should I Stay on Bridge Day?

It’s a question we’re often asked. And the answer is, “It depends.” Yep, there’s no one simple answer. But the good news is you have lots of choices. Read on.

Pitch a Tent

Do you like sitting around a campfire? Gazing at the stars?

Then think about camping. There are plenty of camping opportunities to be had around the Bridge. In fact, there are quite a few campgrounds within walking distance of the Bridge. These sites are typically at a premium and fill up quickly. Not having to drive to get to the Bridge is a huge convenience, for some.

Book A Room

There are a great many hotels available in Fayetteville, Beckley, and Summersville. These towns are within 20 minutes of the Bridge (or closer). But for an event of this size,  folks also stay further out in Charleston, Lewisburg and Princeton.

Glade Springs Resort is just 30 minutes away and offers lots of lodging options: rooms at the Inn, executive suites, villas, lodges, and rental houses. With restaurants, golf and a spa on property, this can be a wonderful place to have a Bridge Day weekend. Bonus: Glad Springs will also offer shuttles to Bridge Day. Give them a call at 1-866-562-8054.

Finding a hotel close to the Bridge can be challenging if you don’t book early. So if a hotel is your style, hop to it and make those reservations!

Go With A Bed and Breakfast 

Fayetteville and the surrounding area has quite a few B&Bs. Sound like your cup of tea? Well, you’re in luck, because many of them are in close vicinity to the Bridge. We suggest booking now if you haven’t already; chances are these rooms will be some of the first to go.

Home Away From Home

The area around the Bridge has really expanded its lodging opportunities over the past few years. There are more cabins here now than ever.

Many people prefer this type of lodging for the solitude alone. Another perk is that cabins can range in size so much; they can accommodate everyone from couples to large groups.And cabins in the New River Gorge are diverse. They can be small rustic models with few amenities or luxurious abodes that make you feel like you’re still at home.

Rafting Outfitters and Resorts

Rafting outfitters in the area are a good place to look for lodging for Bridge Day. Some of the outfitters offer both camping and cabins on their property. Many even offer package deals for the weekend that include lodging and rafting.

If you want to fill your Bridge Day weekend up with fun activities (besides the festival), this would be a great option.

Just remember, Bridge Day is a huge event, so booking as early as possible is the key to finding your ideal place to stay. It's only a few weeks away, so get busy. We’ll see you when you get here!

Where do you like to stay during Bridge Day? Tell us in the comments.