What To Taste at A Taste Of Bridge Day

Taste of Bridge Day Friday Oct. 16th 5 - 9 p.m. Start with dessert.

Taste of Bridge DayThat's just a little piece of advice if you're planning on attending A Taste Of Bridge Day. It's a party held annually the night before the big day, where everyone comes together to try out the best food the New River Gorge has to offer.

So, yes, because there's no one telling you not to, try the dessert. It's the best part anyway. Last year's winner was this insane caramel bread pudding that made you question your definition of awesome for everything that you had ever eaten before it.

This year, something might beat it. So try the dessert first.

If you still have room, make sure you sample everything else there, and here's why. The gorge is famous for combining down home style with world class cuisine. It's cornbread meets cordon-bleu. There is definitely something that you've yet to try from the more than 100 participants at the Taste.

Another plus is the location. Smokey's on the Gorge is not only a great restaurant, but it also overlooks the new river gorge. It's a timber-frame, open air venue that shares as much in ambiance as it does with the fine foods that will be on the menu.

Finally, A Taste of Bridge Day is where all of the participants get to meet and greet for another year of Bridge Day. The atmosphere is fun, the people are family friendly, and a good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

Especially if you have dessert first :-)